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On August 26, 2015, Posted by , In Lead Generation App of the Month, With No Comments

The process of creating sales or marketing content and getting it approved for use is often far from straightforward. Draft document version one will need colleagues’ feedback – usually a mix of verbal and written comments – to produce version two and so on, until there’s an end product which is signed off. This passing back and forth of ideas and content is time-consuming for all involved.

Our chosen app of the month for August 2015 is ProofHQ, an online proofing tool which will save you and your team hours and simply make document and content creation so much easier. In the 18 months we have been using it, ProofHQ has revolutionised how we work and made our business processes much more efficient.

ProofHQ puts everyone on the same page

On ProofHQ you can see everything in one place – all of the content you’ve uploaded which requires feedback from other people, as well as any content uploaded by others which requires feedback from you. This means you can easily keep track of your workload, with a comprehensive overview of everything you need to do, including the deadlines that have been set.

When you’re looking at a piece of content that’s been uploaded to ProofHQ for review, you’re looking at the same version as everyone else is – not a copy which you’ve downloaded or opened from an email. Consequently when you leave a comment on a proof, everyone involved can see that comment. This benefits both the content creator (who can view everyone’s feedback in one place) and the reviewers (who can view each other’s comments and take them into account).

Think of it like printing your content on paper, sticking it on the wall of your office and inviting people to write their feedback on it. But ProofHQ has an organised layout, allows room for an unlimited amount of comments, and does not require you to decipher other people’s handwriting! 2015-08-25 12-47-31

ProofHQ can handle any type of document

You can effectively use ProofHQ to review any type of content, whether it’s text, an image or even a video. It accommodates a wide range of file types and gives everyone the same view – no more dealing with layout or format issues when the creator of the document has a newer version of Word than you do. From blogs and brochures to graphics and reports, ProofHQ enables you to complete the creative process on any piece of content you’re required to produce.

ProofHQ is a big time saver

Allowing people to collaborate on a piece of content through ProofHQ makes discussion much easier, by eliminating the need for long email threads which often become convoluted. It also stops people from wasting their time doing work that has already been done – for example, if you view content on ProofHQ and notice that another reviewer has already pointed out all of the spelling errors, there’s no need for you to do the same. When you open something on ProofHQ, you will automatically be taken to the most recently added version of the content, leaving no room for confusion. These are just some of the many ways ProofHQ saves you time and effort.


Do you ever get frustrated by how long the process for reviewing content within your business can take? It’s a common problem, and ProofHQ provides a simple solution. By using ProofHQ, you can produce sales and marketing content faster and with less stress, making your business infinitely more efficient.

It’s not very often we stumble across apps which revolutionise the way we work. ProofHQ is one of these – and we wanted to share the benefits.

What apps are transforming the way you do business? We’d love to know. Please leave your comments below.

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