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How To: Export Your LinkedIn Connections


If you have a LinkedIn account with 100’s or even 1000’s of connections, many of those people that have chosen to connect with you may be potential business prospects. They have connected with you for a reason, chosen to opt into your updates, and decided to view more information about you. Yet how can you understand who is and who isn’t a potential prospect, when it’s difficult to view the details of your connections through LinkedIn?

Luckily, LinkedIn provides you with an option to export all of your connections into one simple excel spreadsheet. This enables you to view them in greater detail.

Follow these four simple steps to learn how to export your LinkedIn connections.

Step 1: Log into your LinkedIn account and click on the connections option in the main menu.




Step 2: You should now see your contacts listed on the screen – click on the settings “wheel” on the right hand side of the menu bar.



Step 3: You should now be looking at the connections  settings menu – look for Advanced Settings on the right hand side – and the “Export LinkedIn Connections” option directly below this. Click on this link.



Step 4: Click on Export to download your LinkedIn Connections.


Now you have a .csv file of all of your connections for you to filter and use as appropriate.

If you would like to learn about using LinkedIn to generate leads, we’ve created a guide that is free to download. Just click on the banner below:


If you have any questions about using LinkedIn for Intelligent Lead Generation please contact one of the team at Branching Out Europe on or +44 1633 279 515.

We’ll be happy to help you get the most out of your LinkedIn experience.

We’re Hiring – Vacancies

We’re growing – We are delivering results for our customers which has meant we need to recruit more staff.  We are looking for 2 young people to join our expanding business.

Our offices sit in 22 glorious acres of Beechwood Park, Newport, with free parking and easy access to public transport.

We’re looking for motivated individuals to join our dynamic team and fast-paced business environment.  We guarantee that successful candidates will learn new skills.  All our team members’ views are valuable and you would join a small, diverse team who are making a difference for our clients.

Role 1 – Digital Marketing Executive

Role 2 – Digital Marketing Analyst

Digital Marketing Executive – This role has 2 main purposes

  • To use Digital Marketing, ie Social Media, Emails, Websites, and our bespoke tools to develop content for Branching Out Europe, Your Digital Spark and our clients.
  • To generate content that is engaging for our clients customers.

This role will suit a confident and outgoing individual with creative ideas backed by good digital marketing skills.   We want your idea’s……and then for you to deliver them.

Digital Marketing Analyst – This role has 3 main purposes

  • To assist in the analysis of data, for both client and Branching Out Europe projects
  • To produce professional reports, manipulating data and advising management on best practice
  • To support the creative team within Branching Out Europe with the production of reports

This role will suit a focused individual with strong analytical skills backed by good business acumen.  We want your technical skills in excel/SQL…….. and then to support the team.

Training will be provided to the successful candidates.

Email us: to request full job specifications.

These roles are via Jobs Growth Wales



Is your sales team a ‘jack of all trades’?

Is your sales team a 'jack of all trades'?

Whilst many enlightened organisations may have a mix of new business sales people, key account teams, lead generation/inside sales teams, an experienced sales director and others in the sales teams, many smaller businesses today are often under the illusion that one person can do it all.

Compare this with a company’s marketing structure and business owners will very often take a different view.

It’s common knowledge that marketing encompasses many roles requiring different skills and experience. Many key requirements are already outsourced to agencies who are more adept at delivering the best outcomes.

Your PR executive may not be the best at market research, or your product manager may not know nearly enough to create engaging content. Just because you are a great communicator doesn’t mean you’ll be driven on a daily basis to also be a great market analyst.

So whilst many will outsource marketing, why do so many intelligent business leaders still think that one individual would be great at all aspects of selling?

Being motivated to regularly picking up the phone to do the warm calling (cold calling is dead) requires a very different mindset to closing large high value contracts. The skills required to manage and grow key accounts will often conflict with the skills and drivers of a new business executive.

You probably already outsource some of your marketing. So why wouldn’t you want to get external help, through outsourcing or mentoring, to strengthen the area of your sales team which is weak?

If your new leads just aren’t happening, maybe it’s time to look at hiring an agency who specialise in lead generation. If you are launching a new product or entering a new market – why not invest, at least part-time, in an experienced sales director to help with your strategy and new business development?

Focus on what you do well and just like you do with marketing, outsource the rest.

Branching Out Europe; leading the field in Intelligent Lead Generation.


Exhibitions and Conferences are all about Engagement

Appointment Setting Blog Banner


So you’ve made the decision to exhibit…..great. How do you ensure your time is wisely spent and you see the RoI you want by engaging with those senior decision makers at your planned Conference or Exhibition?

Simply relying on footfall is not enough. No matter how much you publicise your attendance at the event you never know who will walk by and stop to speak with you.

You may be given access to an event portal, but this is often far too restrictive and may allow you to search by company name, but more often than not, very little more.

Rather than relying just on limited attendee information on the event portal or sending a mass email to your CRM database, do your own research and targeted outreach to arrange meetings with your key prospects before you go.

To get in front of and have time with the key decision makers of the organisations you want to sell into, is time consuming and daunting – where will you find the extra time to do this? You probably don’t even have their email or phone numbers – so how do you reach them?

A digital tool such as LinkedIn (with over 300 million users globally) provides a wealth of information. More importantly, LinkedIn provides you with the means of reaching out to the right people in the right organisation. Find out more here.

Remember, you never get a second chance to make a great first impression!

LinkedIn gives you the ability, with InMails, to reach out to delegates attending the event, or you can use Groups to message these senior decision makers – FREE OF CHARGE.

…….. but how do you find out which groups contain your target delegates and prospects, so that you can join and message these key decision makers free of charge? Also, and as important, what do you say to them to encourage them to spend time with you at the event?

You could spend a massive amount of your time researching and reaching out yourselves, or you could use Branching Out Europe to do this for you.

To to help you get in front of the right people more often, follow this link - 




Cold calling is dead – Why won’t we change?


The sales process has changed. You may have heard this a number of times and there are several articles that show this to be true.  Most people who run sales and marketing departments and owners of many businesses now accept that digital marketing is an integral part of today’s business world.


Why then do intelligent people in B2B businesses still go out and buy mailing lists then simply hand over the list to tele-sales people to ‘go and find leads’?

Cold calling on its own is DEAD, but if it’s campaign driven or is an integral part of your digital marketing activities then warm calling still works. I’m still astounded however with the huge disconnect that continues to exist within companies between marketing and sales activities.

People accept that Emails, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Videos, Websites, Exhibitions, Networking all have their parts to play. Yet when it comes to developing new business leads somehow strategy goes out the window and people revert to well worn paths that no longer work.

When does sales take over responsibility from marketing? Answer… it depends.

The sales effort required to make a multi-million £ software sale is significantly different from selling a low cost item, eg pens.  I accept that everyone needs pens, but pens (in general), are a low cost commodity item requiring very little in terms of sales skills.

Complex B2B sales however still require the skills of an experienced sales person to help prospects become clients. This starts with well qualified leads, driven by a digital marketing strategy.

So come on business owners, heads of marketing and sales directors: make sure your new lead development is integrated and has consistency and continuity – on-line, off-line and on the phone.

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