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How To Have A Successful Exhibition


I was speaking to an exhibition stand builder earlier today who told me the sad story of a business that had a great stand but still wasted tens of thousands of pounds on the exhibition, due to poor preparation and follow up.

So you’ve made the decision to exhibit…..great. Now the hard work starts – long before the event takes place.

Too many companies who exhibit fail to decide on the theme/key message for their stand. Most companies have a whole range of products, but just for the moment forget about selling. Instead think about what would elicit an emotional response from the prospect to give up their most valuable resource, time, and want to come and have a brief conversation with you.

There are 3 key phases to consider:
1. Prior to the event
2. During the event
3. Post event follow up  Continue reading

A FREE and Alternative Way to See Who’s Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile


If you use the social media platform LinkedIn, I’m sure you’ll be interested to know who’s been viewing your profile. After all, they must have looked at your profile for a reason.

For those of you who use LinkedIn regularly via a free account, you may be frustrated that the system limits your visibility of the number of people who have viewed your profile – LinkedIn removes this restriction for users with paid subscriptions.

With a free LinkedIn account, your view of who’s looked at your profile will look similar to the screenshot below:


If you want to know who has viewed your profile you have three options.

1. You could use the “who has viewed my profile” feature, but only see the last five people who have viewed you.

2. You could spend some money with LinkedIn and upgrade your subscription.

3. You could download a FREE profile viewer extension.

Please follow this simple guide to begin to see who is viewing your profile in greater detail, with this Google Chrome Extension – LinkedIn Profile Viewer. Unlike the LinkedIn premium subscription option, this extension will provide you not only with visibility of who’s viewed your profile, but also how many times they’ve looked at it.

Continue reading

How To: Export Your LinkedIn Connections


If you have a LinkedIn account with 100’s or even 1000’s of connections, many of those people that have chosen to connect with you may be potential business prospects. They have connected with you for a reason, chosen to opt into your updates, and decided to view more information about you. Yet how can you understand who is and who isn’t a potential prospect, when it’s difficult to view the details of your connections through LinkedIn?

Luckily, LinkedIn provides you with an option to export all of your connections into one simple excel spreadsheet. This enables you to view them in greater detail.

Follow these four simple steps to learn how to export your LinkedIn connections. Continue reading

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