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On June 26, 2015, Posted by , In Infographics,Lead Generation Advice,LinkedIn, With No Comments

At the time of writing, LinkedIn currently has over 350m users worldwide, with 15m users in the UK alone. If you take a moment to consider those statistics, they’re pretty staggering. In 2015, LinkedIn is by far the most popular B2B networking tool, giving you the ability to identify, communicate and connect with many business professionals globally.

The huge potential within LinkedIn is clear, but what becomes difficult is understanding how you can use it to generate new leads for your business. We’ve developed an infographic below that will help you understand the power of LinkedIn in 2015 and provides you with some advice on how to use it for your business.

Using LinkedIn for lead generation in 2015

At Branching Out Europe we’ve been using LinkedIn to generate leads for years and we know just how powerful the platform is. We use it every day for ourselves and our clients. If you want to find out even more ways to use LinkedIn to help generate new leads download our free eBook below:

Linkedin for lead generation ebook


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